Wholesome Start

Wholesome is a service for busy families. Before you book any of our services below, we designed a simple and efficient process to jumpstart your health and nutrition goals. We call this our Wholesome Start. Since our time together will be focused on your family, the process begins with you, the expert on your family, filling out a comprehensive questionnaire about your goals, needs, habits, etc. Wholesome uses this insight, prior to our first meeting, to prepare for and maximize our time together with any of the services you choose below.           $85 flat fee 

Wholesome Services

The Wholesome Kitchen


 An in-home consultation focused on the pantry and refrigerator/freezer. Based on your Wholesome Start questionnaire, the process will review your goals, family patterns, if, why and how to find healthier alternatives. Together we will evaluate the items in your home and talk about which ones meet your goals and which ones don't.    $75 per hour  

The Wholesome Shopper


  After careful review of your family's goals, Wholesome will help you take the guesswork out of smart shopping. Saving you hours of time wandering in new stores for new items, we will guide you on a shopping trip showing you exactly where to find recommended items as inexpensively as possible. In-store consultation with Allie throughout the visit will help minimize typical nutrition pitfalls and steer you toward the best options for your family. Multiple stores and online options may be included.  $75 per hour  

The Wholesome Menu


  Wholesome wants to help you make your "clean living" investment a success, to be embraced and enjoyed by your family. Let us devise a sample menu using your existing and new products. These menus take the guesswork out of preparing food at home, and are complete with easy recipes, serving suggestions and anticipated prep/cook times.  The menu includes 3 meals/day for 2 days.  $50 flat fee 

The Wholesome Way


 Maybe your questions or needs pertain to a more complete healthy home and lifestyle, including vitamin/herbal supplements, bath and beauty products, cleaning supplies, kids products, outdoor products, pet care, etc. Wholesome can help you find the best products on the market to suit your specific needs with an in-home consultation and follow up survey with Allie.
$75 per hour 

The Wholesome Huddle


  Laying the groundwork and knowing what to get for your family to eat is a great plan that some families need help implementing. The Wholesome Huddle is our program to gather the troops and talk about what you will be doing differently to benefit your family's health. We'll get the kids (and spouses) on board with a pep talk from Allie as she breaks down the new plan all the while enjoying fun new treats like a natural ice cream bar and other custom yummies that your particular family will embrace while hearing about the new plan of action. A great service for the reluctant household or one that just needs more information.
$75 per hour plus supplies 

The Wholesome Enchilada


 (An Entire Makeover)
Our most comprehensive plan includes:
The Wholesome Start (initial consultation)
The Wholesome Kitchen (up to 2 hours)
The Wholesome Shopper (up to 2 hours)
The Wholesome Menu (3 meals/2 days)
$399 flat fee