About Allie

 I am Allie Black, a former television anchor and medical reporter. Also, Vice President of South Florida's oldest family-owned health food store, Nutrition Cottage.  I embraced a "clean," organically inclined lifestyle more than 20 years ago. Even after growing up with a licensed nutritionist parent and a family health food retail business, it took a personal health issue with an autoimmune disease and what I learned covering the health beat, to finally convince me take control of my own health. 

 I am a real-world wife and mother, and as such, live what I like to call an "80/20" lifestyle. That is, 80 % of the time we eat all organic/natural foods. The other 20 % of the time we let things go & just try to make healthfully conscious choices in all the areas of our life. Everything, from what we put in our mouths, to the household cleaners & skin care products we use need to be free of chemicals and harmful ingredients. 

 I want to help you make this same lifestyle accessible and affordable. You don't have to start from scratch, because I've done the research & hard work for you. Don't waste another dollar at the store "trying to be healthy" only to come home and realize your family can't stand what you brought home. Let me do it for you, holding your hand every step of the way.  Cleaner living can absolutely be simple, tasty and on a budget.

Our Nutritionist

Mark Stowe


My father, Mark Stowe (mark@nutritioncottage.com), is a state licensed nutritionist in South Florida, and has done everything from lobby in Washington to testifying before congress as well as running his own talk radio health show. Watching him along the way has shown me the importance of spreading this health knowledge so each person can then pass it along and help their families grow in life without all the "yuck." Or family owned health food store is www.nutritioncottage.com and I am proud to be the Vice President of the company which allows me unlimited access to the current information flooding the wellness industry.

Wholesome Family

Home is where the heart is and my  heart is with my family.  Everything I share with my clients is exactly what I believe and live at  my house.  We have had food allergies, picky eaters, etc. I've seen it all & know how to navigate. I practice what I preach and do what I love!