Vitamin D and allergies

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Have you noticed an upswing with children with allergies? When I was growing up, I’m not sure I knew of anyone with allergies. I’m sure there were but it certainly didn’t seem like the epidemic it seems today. I can think of five children off the top of my head that must get allergy shots because their allergies are so bad that over the counter medication can’t can keep their symptoms under control. There is new data that shows that children deficient in Vitamin D may be more prone to allergies. A recent study was comprised of 6,590 people half of which were older than 21 years old and the other half younger than 21. Among the children under 21 with lower Vitamin D levels, the children experienced more allergies to food and to the environment. They were more likely to have peanut or ragweed allergies and almost five times as likely to be allergic to oak. A host of other allergies were also common among the youth with lower Vitamin D levels. Children are becoming increasingly deficient in Vitamin D with 1 out of 7 teens having low levels. Some people attribute lower Vitamin D levels to increase usage of sunscreens, indoor activities such as video games, and poor nutrition.

The study did not conclude why children were more prone to allergies with lower Vitamin D levels while adults were not. However, the study gives us one more good reason to monitor our children’s intake of Vitamin D. So not only is Vitamin D shown to help reduce bone fractures, improve mood, reduce risk of heart disease, and help ward off cancer, it may also keep your children from developing allergies. There are several easy ways to get sufficient Vitamin D: get 15 minutes of sunshine three times a week; consume fortified dairy products; consume fatty fish; or take supplements. The current guidelines suggest people need 600 IU every day up to age 70. Many experts believe these limits are too low and often suggest a minimum of 1000 IU per day.

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